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CoInspect’s mobile apps make it easy to manage food safety compliance and brand standards. Leading brands rely on CoInspect as their all-in-one solution for daily line checks, manager’s logbook, corporate audits, and many more safety and quality workflows.

End Boredom

Inspections can be time consuming and downright dull. CoInspect fixes these problems by shortening the work and making it more enjoyable. No more boring inspections, add some fun to the work!

Eliminate Cheating

Traditional pen and paper checks are easy to falsify. With time stamping and unique user IDs, CoInspect gives your organization confidence to conduct trust and verify workflows

Avoid Expensive Redundancy

Archaic processes, extensive labor requirements, and poor systems have created an expensive and inefficient inspection process requiring spendy third-party auditors. With greater transparency, you can reduce the need for multi-layer systems.

Designed for All
Restaurant Employees

Line cooks use CoInspect for daily food safety line checks that can be shared as PDFs.
Restaurant managers use CoInspect to share their logbook online with other managers.
Restaurant hosts use CoInspect to perform brand standard audits.
Restaurant custodians complete restaurant cleaning checklists with CoInspect.
Restaurant owners start and end their day with CoInspect's Restaurant Opening and Closing Checklists.
Food Safety Directors use CoInspect to implement food safety compliance workflows (HACCP/FDA).
Restaurant executives and corporate users use CoInspect's powerful dashboards to analyze performance trends.
Suppliers and food manufacturers use our food safety app to conduct supply chain audits.
Inspections Completed


Inspections Completed
Guests Protected


Guests Protected
Issues Checked


Issues Checked

Pricing Plans

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• Single Location
• Opening/Closing   Checklists
• Up to 3 users



• 5 Custom   Checklists
• Up to 25 Locations
• Email & Phone   Support
• Administration &   Reporting



• Unlimited Custom   Checklists
• Email & Phone   Support
• Training
• Account   Management

Need more users? Our product can handle thousands of employees at the same time.  Contact us for more details

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